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Discover Authentic Tantra as a healing modality based on the map of the chakras

Curious about Tantra?

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You’ve come to the right place! I’m Swami Ritam, a certified Tantra Essence Teacher, trained under the renowned Ma Ananda Sarita. Tantra isn’t just about sensual energy; it’s a healing modality that can bring equilibrium to your chakra system and your life.

What Makes Me Unique

Certified Tantra Essence Teacher

with 500+ training hours under my belt

Focused on Chakra System Development

for complete well-being

Tailored experiences

for busy corporates and Bali explorers like you

Your first step into a Tantra journey

making it accessible and welcoming for all

🌟 Real Experiences. Real Transformations 🌟

Bart is the empathetic guide

you need to delve deep into yourself. His methods are disciplined but he allows you the freedom to wander when you need to

Katarzyna Dołowy

UN, Warsaw

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